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'Lo. I'm Patience.
HarleenQuinzel on Ravelry.
I totally just found this community.
lj + ravelry = *drool*
Calling all Chicago dwellers!

Evil S.O.B. Robs Little Old Lady of Her Livelihood By Cleaning Out Her Yarn Shop.

I don't think I need to express my anger and disgust. I'm sure you're all as angry as I am. However, I wonder if they don't return it, if some yarn harlots would band together and send this poor lady some yarn to restock her shop. I don't have anything like Misti Alpaca, but I'll go buy her some Lion Brand and send it to her. ;_;

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anybody else getting the "500 internal server error" when they're trying to access ravelry?

I am a fan and it shows!

Right after NCIS show was over with, I went right to Ravelry and posted what I thought of the show.

I am so glad that Ravelry allows all sorts of boards to talk about anything. It is great. And a lot of patterns are brought into the boards, so it stays yarn related.

teehee... yeah, I am not hooked. it shows right?

a family of fans

I just found this community recently, but got my Ravelry invite a couple months ago. I still feel like I have a lot to learn about the site, but I was instantly smitten. A chart of all my needles and hooks, links to patterns I love, a list of my yarns, finding other people’s projects that I love - it’s fabulous. But mostly I love being able to organize my projects and keep all the info related to them in one place (though I still have some pictures to take). And seeing what other folks have done is inspiring.

As I was recently gushing about the site to my husband, a computer programer, he was looking over my shoulder. And he commented on what a well-designed site it was. Not only is it all a good idea, but it’s implemented quite well. Certainly I’m a fan, but I was so excited to hear my husband’s compliments it it as well.

knitting journal

well I was using this blog as my first knitting journal and then my friend who taught me to knit introduced me to keeping a book with all the pictures of what I had started and the patterns and labels/tag from each ball of yarn.

And what adjustments I made the pattern. I have it with me all the time.

Well, then she introduced me to Ravelry which keeps your yarn that you have stashed and the patterns online, some are free, some you buy, and what needle size you own in a handy dandy chart!!! So Cool

that I stopped writing in my journal- which is in my UFP/UFO bag. (UnFinished Projects/UnFinished Objects).

so I started updating my handwritten journal again. And it will not win over Ravelry's database of my stuff, but it has notes in it that my friend taught me about how many stitches you have to have to do 2x2 ribbing and 2x3 ribbing.
as requested: picture of a page from my journal.

ISO LYS central / east NJ

I am looking for a LYS that sells Red Heart Creme De La Creme yarn.

I checked the Red heart web site and it said that Michaels, JoAnn Fabrics and AC Moore sell it -- WRONG!!

Does anyone know of a LYS that sells it so I can actually go and fondle feel it? 

Or does anyone have a ball they want to get rid of?


hello, I have made my first pair of socks out of Tofutsies yarn and it is wonderful!!!! but for the fall and winter months (with the 1-4 inches of snow predicted today), I want to make a warmer pair of socks, but not itchy like wool or norosilk (sp?).

What are you favorites for fall/winter socks?


I just joined today.  YAY!  I'm looking forward to learning from everyone over there....